About Transportation

MISSION STATEMENT:  The Transportation Department Mission is to support the quality education process of Anson County Schools and the "All Means All" philosophy by providing safe, consistent and efficient transportation daily to all eligible students by implementing and using best of industry practices.



Organizational Chart

The Transportation Services Departmental Mission is to provide safe and efficient transportation for all students.  Read more about our mission.


   Mailing Address:  
       320 Camden Rd. 
       Wadesboro, NC 28170

Physical Address
    89 Boggan Cut Rd.
    Wadesboro, NC  28170

Phone:  704-694-2925
Fax:      704-694-7041


Corey Ross - Transportation Director  ross.corey@anson.k12.nc.us

.    Charity Faulkner - TIMS Coordinator  faulkner.charity@anson.k12.nc.us

     Pat Allen -  Cost Clerk  allen.pat@anson.k12.nc.us

     Anita Simons - Activity Bus Coordinator  simons.anita@anson.k12.nc.us

     Anthony Dyson- Shop Foreman  dyson.anthony@anson.k12.nc.us

     Percy Willoughby - Mechanic  willoughby.percy@anson.k12.nc.us

     Anthony Barber- Mechanic   barber.anthony@anson.k12.nc.us

     Mike Williams - Mechanic  williams.mike@anson.k12.nc.us

     Ed McKenzie- Mechanic  mckenzie.ed@anson.k12.nc.us


Whom do I call if I have a question?  



.Additional Information 

    Important Information for Perspective School Bus Drivers

    Laws and Policies Governing Pupil Transportation and School Buses

    Driver Eduation Program

    NC DMV School Bus & Traffic Safety School Bus Driver Handbook

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